Life on Red Moon

On Red Moon we endeavour to bring you an exclusive experience you will never forget – in a really good way! She is the culmination for us of our maritime careers and where we want to pass onto our guests our own wide experience of providing first class service in a friendly, warm and welcoming environment where you can relax and enjoy the sublime Scottish scenery.

Red Moon has four berths; one luxurious double cabin with its own skylight and two roomy and very comfortable single cabins with opening portholes. The wet room - heads ( that's the bathroom in nautical speak) is spacious and well fitted out, with a great shower. Our beds are covered with sumptuous Devon Duvets pure wool toppers and you will sleep nestled under wool filled duvets and soft Egyptian cotton linen. Red Moon is fitted with a diesel powered heating system to keep the boat warm and cosy if the Scottish weather does not co- operate. You may also find a cosy hot water bottle awaiting you when you retire for your night afloat!

'Each to his or her own': whilst we want you to have as relaxing a trip as possible, we also want you to have the best fun ever! So, if you would like to get involved in the running of the boat, from steering, hoisting sails, learning about or assisting in navigation, helping to dock or just line fishing, please do. If you prefer to sit quietly on the aft or foredeck, in the wheel house or in the galley/saloon and just watch the world go by or read a book, that's great too. You might want to go ashore and walk all day, experiencing the rugged glory of Skye and her surrounding islands, take in a castle or two or visit local craft shops. 

If you are a budding or experienced chef yourself, why not spend a little time in the galley with Mary (or sometimes Scott !) at work – she is more than happy to pass on the tips and secrets of her many and varied culinary experiences around the globe. 

Scott is always ready to talk boats and engines! He will be very happy to give you a tour of the engine room and chat about the changes and improvements he has made and of course he is always there to talk about where you want to go and what you would like to do during your stay with us.

Our day will start – whenever YOU want. However, we might recommend that to get the full benefit of your cruise the day starts with breakfast at around 0830. Our generator would go on about half an hour before so that we can prepare you a tasty start to the day. If you are an early riser you can help yourself to tea and coffee at any time; we will ensure all you need is close to hand in the galley. 

Mornings may be spent underway or visiting wherever we have anchored or moored the night before. We will usually anchor for lunch, then the afternoon may be an exploration of a new place or we may enjoy a sail onto a different anchorage.  As far as possible you can choose what you want to do and where you want to go – but we will provide information and experience to guide you in this. 

Once we have settled for the evening we will offer you a complimentary pre dinner drink and some delicious nibbles and canapes and there's a moment to reflect on what's happened that day or you may wish to pop down below for a pre - dinner freshen up.

Typically, the whole 'ship's company' will sit down for dinner at around 1930, either in the galley/saloon or on the aft deck. This is a good time to talk about what we might do the next day. Scott can provide information about the weather, the places to see and where is best to ensure a comfortable and interesting trip. Dinner is usually two courses followed by a cheeseboard - if you have room! 

Coffee or tea can then be served at the dinner table, in the comfortable wheelhouse (the 'coffee -club lounge' !) or on the aft or fore deck where you may be able to enjoy one of the best parts of sailing – gazing at a dark starlit sky and letting your imagination roam. A final night–cap from the whisky shelf may be the perfect end to the day before you wend your way to your cosy and comfortable cabin.  

Whilst guest quarters are entirely separate from the crew cabin, we are always close at hand if you have any concerns and we are always happy and ready to help.