Cruising Information


Your safety and that of our vessel is paramount to us. Scott and Mary are both trained in navigation, seamanship, meteorology and personal survival techniques.

Each guest will be provided with a lifejacket which they can adjust to fit and we carry a fully serviced 6 person liferaft.

You do need to be able to climb to and from the vessel when on a dock and also into an alongside tender. The stairs to the guest quarters are proper ship stairs, quite steep but with adequate handholds; it is important that you are able to go up and down stairs with relative ease.


Both Mary and Scott are qualified as Medical First Aiders and the boat is equipped with the appropriate level of first aid equipment for a commercial vessel. Please ensure that you bring adequate supplies of any personal medication with you. We would also ask that you advise us of any medical conditions such as allergies etc. We will never be too far from land but immediate medical assistance will not be available in the normal way you would expect on land.

You may want to bring seasickness treatments if you suffer, but we will also carry some – we do endeavour to be a 'calm water cruising' vessel, but that cannot always be guaranteed!

We will carry insect repellent and sun protection cream, but do bring your own preferred products if you wish.


Mobile phone reception can be rather sporadic in the Scottish Islands and therefore the same applies to internet reception, however when possible we will have wifi available for basic email contact. Red Moon is fitted with boosted range mobile communications systems. We also have VHF radios for navigational and emergency communications.


Electricity on board is 240v/50Hz. With the exception of high power items such as galley equipment, Red Moon is set up to run for extended periods through a bank of 24v storage batteries, without having to rely on use of the generator or engine. This includes the power sockets in the guest cabins, however the supply for these services is limited to the capacity of those batteries so it would be helpful if charging of items such as laptops etc is carried out when the engine or generator is running.


Red Moon is a motor sailer and whilst we will predominantly motor, we love to set the sails when the conditions are right. Sometimes we may just use the mizzen as a steadying sail or the genoa to give us a bit more speed. This is an ideal time to get involved if you wish. The decision of the Crew is final on whether we can hoist sails. We do not move the boat at night and we generally anchor or moor for all meals, however if it will help us achieve reaching a certain destination we might occasionally set sail or motor before breakfast or through lunch.

Clothing & Luggage

There is ample room for guest clothes etc, however storage for bags is more limited so we suggest you try to bring soft bags which can collapse down and be stored away. Please contact us if there is a problem with this, for example if you are flying from overseas.

Clothing can be casual and comfortable – layers are best to cope with varying weather conditions and you may wish to bring a lightweight waterproof jacket.

We would recommend you have suitable shoes for going ashore, on deck and inside the boat – partly for your own safety and comfort but also to help maintain the comfort of the interior for all.

Cabin Service

We want to offer you the best of service and hope that you will feel well looked after, even pampered! Your cabins will be serviced daily and during this time we may need to secure any items that might move whilst the vessel is underway. You may prefer to do this yourself which would be very helpful but one of us will always check the cabins once we are underway for safety and security reasons.

Food and Drink

You will be sent a preference sheet when you book so that you can advise us of the things you most like to eat but also any food intolerances or most importantly allergies you may have. Mary is used to catering for many special diets so please let us know what your requirements are and she will do her best to ensure each meal is suitable – and a delight!

We will use local produce where ever possible – and the ability to do this is excellent in and around the Scottish West Coast and Islands.

Teas and coffees, wine ( or other non-alcoholic drink) with dinner and a pre-dinner drink are complimentary and we operate an honesty bar tab for all other drinks.