Wildlife cruising around Skye, Lochalsh & Wester Ross

We can take you where the wild things are…cruising on a seaborne safari through the rich waters off Skye and the coastline north and south of the Kyle of Lochalsh.

Dolphins playing in Red Moon’s bow wave, the arrowing wake of an otter crossing a sea loch, seals basking on the shore, red deer on the hills, a golden eagle soaring overhead….anything is possible.

Wildlife is - well, the clue is in the name - wild and unpredictable, so we’d be reluctant to guarantee anything…. but Red Moon will carry you to the isolated locations where you are most likely to spot and marvel at the wealth of life inhabiting these waters off Skye and the coastline north and south of the Kyle of Lochalsh.

Summer brings a peak of natural activity for marine wildlife watching here, as shoals of sand eels and mackerel attract a host of predators feasting on this harvest.

From above; puffins, petrels, gulls, shearwaters, guillemots, gannets and, most spectacularly, the white tailed or sea eagle. It is Britain’s largest bird of prey and the cliffs around Skye – particularly near Portree – offer the best opportunities to see these magnificent creatures.

From below; minke whale, pilot whale, harbour porpoises, bottle nosed and common dolphins…and with luck, even orca or killer whales.

We offer a wonderful mobile base for bird watching and ashore the region is a birder’s paradise. On Skye alone, more than 240 species have been recorded, 14 of which of high conservation concern currently breed on the island.